Karang Nini

Karang Nini is a tourist attraction located about 45 Km from Kota Banjar toward Pangandaran. This place is a blend of Indonesian Forest and Ocean Beach that has a beautiful view of the vast expanse of teak forests and pristine jungle.

Called Karang Nini because communities believe that this place is a true symbol of love and loyalty between the grandfather (aki in Sundanese) and grandmother (nini in Sundanese), it was said at the time that the Aki went to sea for fishing until it has never come back again , then the Nini begged and pleaded to the Queen on the South Coast to arrange a meeting with her ‚Äč‚Äčlover, it soon emerged a floating rock as the embodiment of Si Aki's body, the rock is called Bale Kambang that if every person who stands on his or her will was swaying. After that Si Nini and meditated and asked to keep it close to Si Aki soon dikabulkanlah request and menjelmalah Si Nini right into a reef facing towards Bale Kambang.

Karang Nini sights also provide tower is located on a hill in addressed for visitors who want to see the vast and beautiful scenery from above. Additionally Karang Nini region there are also other attractions such as the Fountain of the Seven wells are believed to make the young and the Aquarium of nature in a very interesting Cipangbokongan estuary when the tide is low, visitors can see various species of ornamental fish are trapped in niches - niches reef . This tourist attraction is located in the tourist track Kudat Pangandaran.

Distance from Bandung, about 200km or 80 miles from Kudat town, 10 km from the Pangandaran coast to the east.