Karapyak Beach

Karapyak beach, located in the village of Bagolo, district. Kalipucang, Kab. Kudat. About 20 km from Pangandaran Beach or 78 km from Kudat Town Square.

To get to this location is not so difficult, because the entrance to it is good, there are even guides that can direct travelers to Karapyak Beach. Regrettably, the lack of public transportation that can take guests to the beach Karapyak, even motorcycles. Only visitors who have a personal vehicle or a rental vehicle that can reach Karapyak Beach.

Karapyak beach beauty really can not beat the Pangandaran Beach. But not necessarily worth a visit and be a tourist attraction. This beach has the advantage of white sand that extends along approximately 5 km combined with rock protrusions. Beauty even clearer, when the waves of the sea began to recede, fish swim to and fro on the sidelines of the rock. Small crabs and kumang (crab homeless) out of the sand pit with food. Not only that, the shells of mollusks and other animals as well as the white cliffs scattered along the beach, tempting us to take and collect souvenirs to be the sea.

Endless rock and jutting almost into the middle of the ocean, it became a haven for marine fish. There are tens of thousands, even tens of millions of fish that live there, obviously make more Karapyak Coast and challenging life. In addition to white sand and rocks, this beach also has steep cliffs and beautiful, ready to invite the adventurous to explore every inch of coral cliffs. At the bottom of a steep cliff, the waves are ready to process the adrenaline crown. Waves froth at the bottom of a steep cliff as stream of sweat adventure awaits you.

In addition to offering a million beauty and adventure, beach Karapyak fairly pristine and virgin. Net is still marked invasion beaches of plastic waste and the like. Natural conditions were pristine and well maintained. Only love, the beach is less attractive domestic and foreign tourists. Is manifested in the lack of stalls and inns were developed by local residents.

It is more due to high waves and waves of creepy, too steep beaches because it is connected directly to the rocks. Also lack of access into the site. Whereas in Karapyak already established coastal watchtowers and other facilities are ready to pamper the tourists. Moreover, the beach is located very close to reclaiming the island. Enough to rent a boat, you can set foot on the island are invited million this mystery. Not only that, you can take a walk along the river estuary Citanduy or better known as Sagara tillers. Far out at sea, two rock standing upright that forms the entrance to Sagara tillers. According to local fishermen, Maryono, the rock fortress used as a dock Sagara Tillers of malignant invasion waves.