East Beach

Beautiful panorama with sunrise

         Located at east beach, next east from The Arnawa Hotel, about 1km use car. It's presenting a beautiful sunrise in the morning at half past five. And also you can get enjoyed with variety of coffee shop in along beach. The most selling of coffee shop is coconut ice in indonesian name is "es degan", it's the most favored of western guest, and than many restaurant's serve the fresh seafood, for the menu are variety and delicious taste, like : Shrimp with sweet and sour sauce, etc  'you can try it'. And east beach also presented for water sport, cause the place is potencial to spur the adrenaline. Like Banana boat, Paraasailing, Big Mable, Jet Ski, Flying Fish, Extreme Tube, Donut Tube, and more. You can get it by us, you also can reserve by The Arnawa Hotel with promo prices.