Green Valley

    Citumang or green valley is one of some attraction in Pangandaran city, it has presenting the beautiful river with teak tree surrounded at along river. About 10km from Pangandaran city. You also can differrent feel if we have entering it area, you must walk about 3km for go to location, during trip you can feeling the cool weather. After through the post ticket, you can enjoyed with mini gazebo with bamboo design, and now it has completed for facilities. The river have long about 2km. If you have to arrive in area you can swim, body rafting, water tubing, etc. Maybe if you not swim, you can relaxe with a cup coffee on between big stone. The river is very limpid and green, and nice for swim. For go to green valley, you may reserved by us. We have some travel for go there with friendly price certainly. Have a nice trip.